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We are an open minded couple who love to play with our friends. Couples and groups are always fun. New friends and adventures are always welcome. Thinking outside the box? always makes life interesting!
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Oh my God, I can’t believe you! How long did you think you were going to keep this from me? You didn’t think I was going to find out? I just talked to Marlon. He told me you were there last week, on one of the nights you said you had to work late. Seriously! So I guess your whole jacking off thing now totally makes sense.

Honestly, I just don’t know what to think of you right now.

Marlon and Johnny are going to love that beach house!


Things have been going well the last two weeks. We’ve had three counseling sessions, all of which I think have been helpful. I really like the counselor, and so does he.

I’ve been working through my own issues, taking my meds, mostly successfully. Some of the side effects, though, really suck….

Where’s Johhny?



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Puede parecer muy excitante por el toque exhibicionista, pero masturbarse mientras conduces puede ser peligroso! Mejor aparca en un sitio apartado y disfruta si riesgos!

and I tell my kids not to text while driving!

nipring turned 3 today!

butterflies are free!

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